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MGIS.Net is the successor of the MGIS Windows© application released for the first time in 1997. MGIS was distributed, via CD-Rom, during several workshop organised by INIBAP around the world. MGIS purposes is to help curators to capture the passport data, characterization and few agronomic data of their accessions in the field in a standardized format following the Musa spp. descriptors published in 1996. MGIS was instrumental in capturing information and diversity maintained in collection worldwide and was the foundation of the MGIS web site on which you are now reading this art.

Specificity of MGIS.Net

MGIS.Net is a complete rewriting in a modern Microsoft language: C# (read C sharp) of the previous version. The database on top of which the user interface is built was slightly redesigned to address remarks from users as well as to manage few additional information. For example a versioning of descriptors and identification of descriptors pertaining to the three differents minimum descriptors list published by MusaNet since 2015. This relates to Minimum List of Descriptors for Musa, Minimum List of Descriptors for Plantains and Minimum List of Descriptors for East African Highland Bananas all available from MusaNet web site here. In addition MGIS manages now the exchange of data with MusaTab. The database have been also populated with Spanish and French version of the descriptors, therefore the user interface is also available in this two languages.

MGIS.Net contains the functions required for the following operations:

  • Recording collection information,
  • Recording Passport, characterization and agronomic data of accessions held in Musa collections,
  • Entering/consulting data and photos on accessions,
  • Exchanging data with MusaTab,
  • Use of the Musa spp. descriptors.

Current version:

This version is correcting bugs observed during the several workshop organised by MusaNet since 2016. The module for managing the exchange of data with MusaTab has been reviewed to take into account changes on the file format used for communication between MGIS.Net and MusaTab.

The archive containing the setup files can be download from there, it is a 660 Mb zip file.

To be noted that to be able to record information on your collection, the collection should be registered in the database. This can only be done by me.

Once your collection registered, an activation file is required to give you the authorization to record data for this collection. The activation file is sent upon request.


A User's manual is available for download here you can also access to an online version of the User's manual from there.


Even if I tested the setup and run MGIS.Net several times, it can happen that on specific Windows environment the application won't install or won't work correctly. I therefore encourage you to contact me through email with subject MGIS.Net v4.0.4.0 mentioning your problems.

Max Ruas, MGIS database manager

MGIS.Net is a Windows© application developed under the financing of Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) CGIAR Research Program (CRP).