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MusaTab is an Android© application for recording characterization Data in the field.

The application is directly available from here. If you download the apk file directly from the latest link (MGIS web site) your device will ask you to allow install of the package from an untrusted source. Temporary allow the install if not then the app won't install.

MusaTab specificity

The application works with two types of JSON files, which are not included in the package and must be copied on a specific folder of the tablet. An example of the two required JSON files are availabe in this zipped file.

The first file contains the list of accessions to be observed, the second file contains the list of descriptors to score. In addition to these two JSON files, the application requires photos to illustrate some descriptors modalities. These photos are available in this other zipped file (87 Mb).


File name Download link Where to copy on tablet content Comment
accessions.json accessions device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\download List of accessions to score in a JSON formated file the description of the format is available in the annex of the user's manual available for download at the bottom of this article
descriptors.json descriptors device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\download List of decriptors to observe in a JSON formated file the description of the format is available in the annex of the user's manual available for download at the bottom of this article obs_desc_zipped Unzip into device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\download The two above JSON files zipped together PhotosHelp_Desc_zipped

device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\descriptors\photos


device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\help\photos

The archive contains two folders:

1) photos: containing the photos of descriptors used as illustration of modalities

2) help: containing the illustration to help identify what to observe

check out carrefully the folder where to copy these files to avoid blank images on screen

If you access this page directly from your tablet just download the zipped files in the download folder of your tablet. The system will ask authorization to do so. Once downloaded, if your tablet is running Android 6.0 or above, tap on the zip files to unzip the content in the folder where the files have been downloaded.

observations and descriptors JSON files:

Once unzipped copy the observations.json and descriptors.json files into the device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\download folder as shown below.

Descriptors help files:

first copy the photos from the photos folder to device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\descriptors\photos folder as shown below,

second copy the photos from the help folder to device storage\org.bioversityinternational.MusaTab\MusaTab\help\photos folder as shown below.


Please read this user's manual to know more on how to use MusaTab.

Even if I tested MusaTab, still problems can occur. I therefore encourage you to contact me through email with subject MusaTab mentioning your problems.

Max Ruas, MGIS database manager

MusaTab is an Android© application developed under the financing of GIZ, EU and Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) CGIAR Research Program (CRP).