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Who are the people behind the MGIS web site?

Core Team

  • Max Ruas, Officer

MGIS project leader and responsible for the content (Passport & characterisation Data and photos). Max ensures connection with the many MusaNet partners providing data on their collection as well as trainings on the use of the MGIS ecosystems (including MusaTab, MusaID). Max also works closely with the ITC staff in Leuven to ensure that the passport data of the collection are up to date. He also answers to questions and remarks sent through the contact form.
  • Valentin Guignon, Associate Scientist 

Leads the software development of the website.  Drupal, Tripal and Chado guru, Valentin ensures the quality of the development and he is involved in Tripal discussions. He is also at the origin of several original features like the comparison tool and the Graphical Descriptors Interface Selection and Dupal modules (BrAPI, PhyloTree, GIGWA).
  • Felip Manyer, Drupal Developer

Felip is a Drupal Developer who helps us to better integrate Musa In situ datasets into MGIS. Felip also helped with the transition to Openstreet map which replaced Google map.
  • Mathieu Rouard, Senior Scientist

Responsible for the genomics and phenotyping content and manages curation of publications. Mathieu oversees core team developments, particularly interested in graphical features and user-friendlyness. He also ensures that MGIS is well connected and integrated with the tools of the Banana Genome Hub, Musabase and other relevant datasets developed by the research community.
  • Christophe Jenny, CIRAD researcher

Christophe with his comprehensive knowledge in Musa spp. and expertise in information systems provides guidance to better shape MGIS. He is also the project leader of the in situ observations project we are collaborating on to make connections between ex situ and in situ information.

Other Key contributors

  • Taxonomy Advisory Group (TAG) Expert

The TAG is composed of 12 Musa taxonomists: Joseph AdhekaJeff DaniellsJean Pierre HorryChristophe Jenny, Deborah Karamura, Lucien Ibobondji, Edmond de Langhe, Janet Paofa,  Gabriel Sachter-Smith, Agus SutantoRony SwennenKodjo Tomekpe. We Thank them for their help to validate the results from the Field Verification routine operation.
  • Curators of participating Musa collections

A special thanks to the curators and their institutes for being confident enough to sign the MGIS Data Sharing Agreement to contribute to MGIS. They enrich MGIS and it would not exist without them. I cannot all cite them all, but you will find their name under the page of their respective collection listed here.
  • Rachel Chase, Associate Scientist

Rachel coordinates the Field Verification work for the ITC Genebank. Rachel uses MGIS as a repository for data and photos provided by our partners in Puerto Rico (USDA), manages the review of the photos and data by the TAG experts through a dedicated MGIS dashboard. Rachel also kindly ensures that the English text on the website is correct.
  • Els Kempenaers, ITC technician

Els communicates regurlarly on any data changes between Leuven and Montpellier to keep the ITC collection data up to date.
  • Julie Sardos, Scientist

Julie, a geneticist, helps us to track inconsistencies in ploidy and classification of MGIS content. Over the last 4 years, Julie led and participated in several collecting mission in Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands and so on.. She therefore helped greatly enrich the content of MGIS.
  • Ines Van den Houwe, ITC Genebank Curator

Ines ensures that the latest introduction and passport data available at the ITC are correctly reflected on MGIS. Ines is also the person answering to the request posted trough the Musa Online Ordering system (MOOS).
  • Nicolas Roux, Senior Scientist, Banana program leader, MusaNet coordinator

Nicolas, as head of the Banana team in the Alliance Bioversity-CIAT, supervises all of us and he ensures due recognition of our MGIS work in the Banana research domain. Nicolas also orientates the development of the MGIS to ensure that it answers the needs of the Banana community.

Past contributors

  • Hugo Duvergey, Software developer

Hugo was instrumental in writing codes for the first iteration of the MGIS web site.
  • Guilhem Sempere, Software Engineer

Guilhem has a long relationship with MGIS, being the main developer of the ante 2016 version of the web site. Guilhem now in charge of GIGWA tool development to help us to integrate it into MGIS and allowing genomicist to look after markers information.
  • Kais Jelali

Kais started the compilation of articles citing ITC materials. This early work paved the way to the current feature listing phenotypic and genotypic studies on the MGIS web site.


From 2016 to 2019, annual internships from the Department of Computer science at IUT of Montpellier started the development of several features. Thanks go to: Alexis Andrieu, Sheila Barron, Samira Younesy and Sarah Barriere.

They contributed to field verification interface, data versioning, passport data upload, collection online page update and accession online page update.