Foundation characteristics of edible Musa triploids revealed from allelic distribution of SSR markers.

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TitleFoundation characteristics of edible Musa triploids revealed from allelic distribution of SSR markers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHippolyte I, Jenny C, Gardes L, Bakry F, Rivallan R, Pomies V, Cubry P, Tomekpe K, Risterucci AM, Roux N, Rouard M, Arnaud E, Kolesnikova-Allen M, Perrier X
JournalAnn Bot
Date Published2012 Apr

BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The production of triploid banana and plantain (Musa spp.) cultivars with improved characteristics (e.g. greater disease resistance or higher yield), while still preserving the main features of current popular cultivars (e.g. taste and cooking quality), remains a major challenge for Musa breeders. In this regard, breeders require a sound knowledge of the lineage of the current sterile triploid cultivars, to select diploid parents that are able to transmit desirable traits, together with a breeding strategy ensuring final triploidization and sterility. Highly polymorphic single sequence repeats (SSRs) are valuable markers for investigating phylogenetic relationships.

METHODS: Here, the allelic distribution of each of 22 SSR loci across 561 Musa accessions is analysed.

KEY RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: We determine the closest diploid progenitors of the triploid 'Cavendish' and 'Gros Michel' subgroups, valuable information for breeding programmes. Nevertheless, in establishing the likely monoclonal origin of the main edible triploid banana subgroups (i.e. 'Cavendish', 'Plantain' and 'Mutika-Lujugira'), we postulated that the huge phenotypic diversity observed within these subgroups did not result from gamete recombination, but rather from epigenetic regulations. This emphasizes the need to investigate the regulatory mechanisms of genome expression on a unique model in the plant kingdom. We also propose experimental standards to compare additional and independent genotyping data for reference.

Alternate JournalAnn. Bot.
PubMed ID22323428
PubMed Central IDPMC3310492
Showing 40 of 150 accessions
Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Hom Thong Mokho ITC0671 AAA subgr. Rio Thailand ITC
Balbisiana ITC0626 balbisiana Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Valery ITC0048 AAA subgr. Cavendish Unknown ITC
Pisang Mas Ayer ITC0435 AA subgr. Sucrier Malaysia ITC
Cameroun ITC0246 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Auko ITC0983 AB Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Musa acuminata ssp. banksii ITC0879 acuminata subsp. banksii Papua New Guinea ITC
Mai'a popo'ulu moa ITC1169 AAB subgr. Maia Maoli/Popoulu Unknown ITC
Selangor ITC1060 acuminata subsp. malaccensis Unknown ITC
Paka PT-BA-00270 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Bie Yeng PT-BA-00035 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Niyarma Yik PT-BA-00242 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Ta PT-BA-00382 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Pisang Ustrali (BRA) PT-BA-00327 AAAA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Porp PT-BA-00342 AAAB Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Musa basjoo PT-BA-00220 basjoo Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Musa beccarii PT-BA-00221 beccarii Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Poteau Nain PT-BA-00344 ABB subgr. Bluggoe Unknown CIRAD
Musa coccinea PT-BA-00222 coccinea Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Khom PT-BA-00151 AAA subgr. Ibota Unknown CIRAD
Ngoen / Ngern PT-BA-00240 AABB subgr. Laknau der Unknown CIRAD
Pahang PT-BA-00267 acuminata subsp. malaccensis Malaysia CIRAD
Pisang Abu Perak PT-BA-00278 ABB subgr. Ney Mannan Unknown CIRAD
Musa ornata PT-BA-00226 ornata Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Pisang Pulut PT-BA-00312 AAB subgr. Pisang Kelat Unknown CIRAD
Mossi PT-BA-00214 AAA subgr. Red Comoros CIRAD
Pa Rayong PT-BA-00263 acuminata subsp. siamea Unknown CIRAD
Madre del Platano PT-BA-00180 AAB subgr. Plantain Unknown CIRAD
Njock Kon PT-BA-00243 AAB subgr. Plantain Cameroon CIRAD
French Clair PT-BA-00094 AAB subgr. Plantain Cameroon CIRAD
Kwa PT-BA-00166 AAB subgr. Plantain Cameroon CIRAD
Mbouroukou N1 PT-BA-00200 AAB subgr. Plantain Cameroon CIRAD
Nothing but Green PT-BA-00244 AAB subgr. Plantain Cameroon CIRAD
Buitenzorg PT-BA-00046 acuminata subsp. zebrina Unknown CIRAD
NBA 14
ITC0267 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Morong Principe
ITC0445 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
PT-BA-00031 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
PT-BA-00120 AA Unknown Thailand CIRAD
Pisang Madu
PT-BA-00304 AA Unknown Malaysia CIRAD
PT-BA-00154 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD