Foundation characteristics of edible Musa triploids revealed from allelic distribution of SSR markers.

TitleFoundation characteristics of edible Musa triploids revealed from allelic distribution of SSR markers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHippolyte I, Jenny C, Gardes L, Bakry F, Rivallan R, Pomies V, Cubry P, Tomekpe K, Risterucci AM, Roux N, Rouard M, Arnaud E, Kolesnikova-Allen M, Perrier X
JournalAnn Bot
Date Published2012 Apr

BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The production of triploid banana and plantain (Musa spp.) cultivars with improved characteristics (e.g. greater disease resistance or higher yield), while still preserving the main features of current popular cultivars (e.g. taste and cooking quality), remains a major challenge for Musa breeders. In this regard, breeders require a sound knowledge of the lineage of the current sterile triploid cultivars, to select diploid parents that are able to transmit desirable traits, together with a breeding strategy ensuring final triploidization and sterility. Highly polymorphic single sequence repeats (SSRs) are valuable markers for investigating phylogenetic relationships.

METHODS: Here, the allelic distribution of each of 22 SSR loci across 561 Musa accessions is analysed.

KEY RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: We determine the closest diploid progenitors of the triploid 'Cavendish' and 'Gros Michel' subgroups, valuable information for breeding programmes. Nevertheless, in establishing the likely monoclonal origin of the main edible triploid banana subgroups (i.e. 'Cavendish', 'Plantain' and 'Mutika-Lujugira'), we postulated that the huge phenotypic diversity observed within these subgroups did not result from gamete recombination, but rather from epigenetic regulations. This emphasizes the need to investigate the regulatory mechanisms of genome expression on a unique model in the plant kingdom. We also propose experimental standards to compare additional and independent genotyping data for reference.

Alternate JournalAnn. Bot.
PubMed ID22323428
PubMed Central IDPMC3310492
Showing 40 of 150 accessions
Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Pisang Bangkahulu
PT-BA-00281 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00186 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
PT-BA-00066 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Nzumoheli I
PT-BA-00250 AA Unknown Comoros CIRAD
Akondro mainty
PT-BA-00010 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
N°110 / THA 052
PT-BA-00233 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Gu Nin Chiao
PT-BA-00108 AA Unknown Malaysia CIRAD
IDN 110
PT-BA-00131 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Thong Det
PT-BA-00391 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Khai Nai On
PT-BA-00148 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Pisang Pipit
PT-BA-00310 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
IDN 077
PT-BA-00127 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Pisang Rojo Uter
PT-BA-00315 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00361 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00357 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Pisang Jaran
PT-BA-00292 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Fu Des
PT-BA-00095 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00414 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Pisang Oli
PT-BA-00308 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
SN 2
PT-BA-00373 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Kumburgh (ou Kunburg)
PT-BA-00160 AA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Japaraka 1
PT-BA-00139 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
PT-BA-00067 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
PT-BA-00027 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Pisang Berangan
ITC1287 AAA Unknown Unknown ITC
PT-BA-00157 AAA Unknown Comoros CIRAD
Pisang Papan
PT-BA-00309 AAA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00271 AAA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00202 AAA Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Champa Nasik
ITC0043 AAAA Unknown Unknown ITC
Pisang Jambe
PT-BA-00291 AAAA Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00164 AAB Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Teeb Kum
PT-BA-00387 AAB Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Pisang Slendang
PT-BA-00321 AABB Unknown Unknown CIRAD
PT-BA-00402 AAT Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
PT-BA-00142 AAT Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Kalapua n°2
PT-BA-00141 ABB Unknown Papua New Guinea CIRAD
Pisang Gajih Merah
PT-BA-00288 ABB Unknown Unknown CIRAD
ITC0626 balbisiana Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Pisang Klutuk
PT-BA-00301 balbisiana Unknown Unknown CIRAD