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ITC1122 - Gros-Michel

Passport Data
PDCIm Score: 6.32
Available for distribution:
Accession number: ITC1122
Accession name: Gros-Michel
Biological status of accession: traditional cultivar or landrace
Taxonomic classification:
Institute code: BEL084 (ITC)
Acquisition date: 1990-11-29
Status: active
Type of storage:
In Vitro Collection
Cryopreserved Collection
Lyophilized Leaves
Morphological Characterization at Neufchâteau (CIRAD)
Morphological Characterization Data

6.2 - Pseudostem / Suckers

6.2.1 - Pseudostem height [m] >=3
6.2.6 - Pigmentation of the underlying pseudostem Pink-purple

6.3 - Petiole / Midrib / Leaf

6.3.1 - Blotches at the petiole base Without pigmentation
6.3.3 - Petiole canal leaf III Straight with erect margins
6.3.4 - Petiole margins Winged and clasping the pseudostem
6.3.6 - Petiole margin colour Green
6.3.7 - Edge of petiole margin With a colour line along

6.4 - Inflorescence / male bud

6.4.6 - Bunch position Hanging vertically
6.4.7 - Bunch shape Truncated cone shape
6.4.12 - Rachis position Falling vertically
6.4.13 - Rachis appearance Bare
6.4.15 - Male bud shape Like a top

6.5 - Bract

6.5.1 - Bract base shape Small shoulder
6.5.2 - Bract apex shape Slightly pointed
6.5.3 - Bract imbrication Young bracts slightly overlap
6.5.5 - Colour of the bract internal face Red
6.5.12 - Bract behaviour before falling Revolute (rolling)

6.6 - Male flower

6.6.2 - Compound tepal basic colour White
6.6.4 - Lobe colour of compound tepal Yellow

6.7 - Fruit

6.7.2 - Number of fruits >=17
6.7.3 - Fruit length [cm] 21-25 cm
6.7.4 - Fruit shape Curved (sharp curve)
6.7.6 - Fruit apex Pointed
6.7.7 - Remains of flower relicts at fruit apex Persistent style
6.7.8 - Fruit pedicel length [mm] 11 to 20 mm
6.7.11 - Fusion of pedicels Very partially or no visible sign of fusion

Experiment: 1

Institute: IITA
Date of planting: 2014/08/22
Date of data collection: 2015/11/27
Observable Attribute Value
anther Anther colour brown/rusty-brown
bract Bract behaviour before falling revolute (rolling)
bract Colour of bract internal face purple-brown
bract Colour of bract external face purple-brown
bract apex Bract imbrication at apex of male bud convolute
bract apex Bract apex shape pointed
cigar leaf Pigmentation of outer surface of cigar leaf on sucker green
flower 6.6.24 - Dominant colour of male flower cream
fruit Fruit shape of curve straight (or slightly curved)
fruit Fruit apex point pointed
fruit Remains of flower relicts at fruit apex persistent style
fruit Number of fruits on mid-hand of the bunch 13-16
fruit Fruit length 21-25 cm
fruit pedicel 6.7.11 - Fusion of pedicels no visible sign of fusion
fruit pedicel Fruit pedicel length 11-20 mm
inflorescence bud Male bud length 20-16
inflorescence bud Male bud shape like a top
infructescence Bunch shape cylindrical
infructescence Bunch position hanging vertically
infructescence Number of hands measured 7
infructescence axis Male rachis appearance other
infructescence axis Male rachis position at an angle
petiole canal Margin behaviour on petiole canal of third leaf open with margins spreading
petiole margin Petiole margin colour green
petiole margin Colour line along edge of petiole margin contrast between margin and petiole (with a contrasting colour line along)
petiole margin Petiole margins winged winged and clasping the pseudostem
petiole proximal end Blotches relative area at petiole base large blotches
plant sap 6.2.7 - Sap colour whitish
pseudostem Pseudostem height equal to or more than 3 m
pseudostem Main underlying colour of pseudostem light green
tepal Lobe colour of tip of compound tepal yellow
tepal Compound tepal main colour cream
Collecting/acquisition source
Type Name Donor Code Donor Institute Country
1. Collection IRFA CIRAD II. Donor Institute Country: Guadeloupe
Collecting Location
Not available
Genetic Integrity
Ploidy: 3x   (Musa Genotyping Centre (MGC), Institute of Experimental Botany (IEB), Olomouc, Czeck Republic, 25/01/2001)
Field verified: yes
FV conclusion: validated as True To Type (TTT)
  • Volkaert H.  2011.  Molecular Analysis Reveals Multiple Domestications of Edible Bananas. V International Symposium on Banana: ISHS-ProMusa Symposium on Global Perspectives on Asian Challenges 897. Musalit
  • Houbin C, Chunxiang X, Qirui F, Guibing H, Jianguo L, Zehuai W, Jr ABMolina.  2005.  Screening of banana clones for resistance to fusarium wilt in China. Advancing Banana and Plantain R and D in Asia and The Pasific. 13:165–174.Musalit