Taxonomy wheel (and flat version)

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MGIS Boost cached version.

The taxonomy wheel, a hierarchical representation known as sunburst, shows the proportion of each sub-species/sub-group, species/group, section and genus in a given collection. It gives an overview of the collection diversity and it is distribution (taxonomy and percentages are shown explicitly). The color code is the same as the one on the front page diversity graph.

Since some items (colored slices) might be very small on this radial wheel,  a  "flat version" diagram is available and include a zoom function. To enable it, click on the so-called "Flat version" button. To zoom in on a item, click/tap on it or in its parent or neighbor if the sector is too small. To zoom out, click on the parent item (horizontal line at the top of the diagram).

Note: on both representation,  double click/tap on a  sector to open the list of accessions it contains (new tab). This option does not work for unknown accessions.