New release of MGIS

Status message

MGIS Boost cached version.

We are please to annonce a new major release of the MGIS website. Among the main new features are a new homepage, a publication module and a module for management of high-throughput genotyping data from Next Generation sequencing data. MGIS is now compliant with the breeding API for machine readable standardized data exchange.

We are also glad that 9 additional collections signed the Data Sharing Agreement and will be providing soon data for the next releases.

Data content: 3697 accessions managed in 12 collections

  • Passport data curated for ITC collections. Data were transfered to Genesys with an improved PDCI score from 5.23 to 5.78.
  • 18 new accessions in the ITC collections
  • 973 accessions are associated with 109 publications.
  • 4 new molecular studies inserted (Li et al, 2010; et al, 2015; Sardos et al, 2016 ; Sardos et al, 2016).
  • Unfiltered and filtered SNP markers for the 105 accessions of the GWAS study (Sardos et al, 2016).

Web Interface:

  • New homepage: New design and organisation. On the graph, the size of is proportional to the number of accessions with this taxonomy for all collections. You can move each elements and freeze their position. double click to open the taxonomy browser.
  • Publication module developed: Tracking of accessions used in research publications are now crosslinked on the accession page with links to MusaLit whenever relevant.
  • Menu change : new genotyping section with list of studies for easier access.
  • Implementation of new module for the manangement of SNPs and Indels markers based on Gigwa.
  • Images: Zoom and drag implemented
  • Breeding API calls implemented.
  • ITC collection includes addtional statistics.
  • Link between taxonomy wheel and accession search implemented.
  • Menu change : link to genomics data (Banana Genome Hub) and Breeding data (MusaBase).
  • Logo change for CIRAD-CRB collection.
  • Comparator : bug fix.
  • Bulk export: bug fix on Excel export.
  • Tree display : HTTPS bug fix