MGIS embarks new partners' Data PLUS new features

Status message

MGIS Boost cached version.

Published on 21/12/2015

Data: 3630 accessions managed in 11 collections

  • 5 additional collections signed the DSA and sent data (CARBAP, CNRA, CRBNARI, NARO) for a total of 1,288 new accessions.
  • 12 ITC accessions added
    • ITC1817 Abuhon
    • ITC1818 Baukas
    • ITC1819 Binawe
    • ITC1820 Dippig
    • ITC1821 Inabaniko
    • ITC1822 Saba Kastila
    • ITC1823 Musa balbisiana
    • ITC1824 25291-S26
    • ITC1825 NARITA 14
    • ITC1826 NARITA 23
    • ITC1828 NARITA 1
    • ITC1829 NARITA 3
  • Updates on the passport data of Umq Bir with pictures. (See story on the oasis bananas of Oman)

Web Interface:

  • Taxonomy browser added
  • Navigation menu reorganized
  • Comparator tool for accessions added (login required)
  • Flat version of the Taxonomy wheel implemented (see example)
  • Bug fix related the online ordering system (MOOS)
  • Curation tool for passport data (beta version restricted to Taxonomy Advisory Group)

We would like to thank all collaborators who provided data, pictures and feedback to enrich the MGIS website.