Combined ribosomal and chloroplast phylogeny

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42 operational taxonomic units (OTU) representing three genera and 36 species, including seven subspecies of M. acuminata and one variety of Musa beccarii. Five sections of genus
Musa were sampled for the first time.

In this study, Authors obtained nuclear ribosomal ITS and chloroplast (atpB-rbcL, rps16, and trnL-F) DNA sequences. Sequences were aligned using the software Clustal X 1.81and adjusted by visual inspection. All data matrices were analysed with Bayesian inference. Bayesian analyses implementing Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) were conducted using MrBayes version 3.1.
The congruence of the phylogenetic signal and combinability of ITS and cpDNA datasets were assessed by visually comparing topologies of the strict consensus trees. Here we decided to provide the combined tree with the bayesian approach as selected for figure 2 of the publication.

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Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Calcutta 4 ITC0249 acuminata subsp. burmannicoides Myanmar ITC
Agutay ITC1028 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Khae (Phrae) ITC0660 acuminata subsp. siamea Thailand ITC
Banksii ITC0623 acuminata subsp. banksii Papua New Guinea ITC
Musa textilis ITC0539 textilis subsp. textilis Unknown ITC
Borneo ITC0253 acuminata subsp. microcarpa Unknown ITC
Musa peekelii ssp. angustigemma ITC0618 peekelii subsp. angustigemma Papua New Guinea ITC
Long Tavoy ITC0283 acuminata subsp. burmannica Unknown ITC
Musa maclayi ssp. maclayi var. maclayi ITC0864 maclayi subsp. maclayi Papua New Guinea ITC
ITC0846 schizocarpa Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC