ITC0885 - M. acuminata ssp. banksii

ITC0885(subsp. banksii)
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Passport Data
PDCIm Score: 4
Available for distribution:
Accession number: ITC0885
Accession name: M. acuminata ssp. banksii
Biological status of accession: wild
Taxonomic classification:
Status: archive
Type of storage:
Field Collection
Curator evaluation: True To Type (TTT) (curator)
Comment on SSR analysis: AA/banksii
Comment on DArT analysis: AAw banksii
Morphological Characterization Pictures
Morphological Characterization Data
Not available
Not available
Collecting/acquisition source
Not available
Collecting Location
Not available
Genetic Integrity
Ploidy: 2x   (Musa Genotyping Centre (MGC), Institute of Experimental Botany (IEB), Olomouc, Czeck Republic, 25/01/2001)
Field verified: Not available
Molecular Characterisation
Not available
Not available