PHL-024-1854 - Pusit

Passport Data
Country of origin: Country of origin: Philippines
PDCIm Score: 5.26
Available for distribution:
Accession number: PHL-024-1854
Accession name: Pusit
Biological status of accession: traditional cultivar or landrace
Taxonomic classification:
Institute code: PHL008 (BPI-DNCRDC)
Acquisition date: 1978-04-08
Status: active
Type of storage:
Field Collection
Morphological Characterization
Not available
Morphological Characterization Data

6.4 - Inflorescence / male bud

6.4.14 - Male bud type Normal (present)
6.4.15 - Male bud shape Lanceolate

6.5 - Bract

6.5.2 - Bract apex shape Pointed
6.5.3 - Bract imbrication Old bracts overlap at apex of bud (like Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis)
6.5.4 - Colour of the bract external face Pink-purple
6.5.5 - Colour of the bract internal face Yellow or green
6.5.9 - Fading of colour on bract base Colour discontinuing towards the base (loss of pigmentation at the base)
6.5.12 - Bract behaviour before falling Revolute (rolling)
6.5.13 - Wax on the bract Very few wax

6.6 - Male flower

6.6.2 - Compound tepal basic colour Cream
6.6.3 - Compound tepal pigmentation Very few or no visible sign of pigmentation
6.6.4 - Lobe colour of compound tepal Yellow
6.6.8 - Free tepal appearance More or less smooth
6.6.19 - Style shape Straight
6.6.22 - Ovary basic colour Cream
6.6.23 - Ovary pigmentation Very few or no visible sign of pigmentation
Not available
Collecting/acquisition source
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Collecting Location
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Molecular Characterisation
Not available
Not available