PHL-024-0244 - Binawe

Passport Data
Country of origin: Country of origin: Philippines
PDCIm Score: 5.26
Available for distribution:
Accession number: PHL-024-0244
Accession name: Binawe
Kluai Khai
Biological status of accession: traditional cultivar or landrace
Taxonomic classification:
Institute code: PHL008 (BPI-DNCRDC)
Acquisition date: 1976-01-27
Status: active
Type of storage:
Field Collection
Morphological Characterization
Not available
Morphological Characterization Data

6.1 - Plant general appearance

6.1.1 - Leaf habit Intermediate

6.2 - Pseudostem / Suckers

6.2.3 - Pseudostem colour Green-red
6.2.4 - Pseudostem appearance Shiny (not waxy)
6.2.6 - Pigmentation of the underlying pseudostem Pink-purple
6.2.7 - Sap colour Milky
Not available
Collecting/acquisition source
Not available
Collecting Location
Not available
Molecular Characterisation
Not available
Not available