APO - Apem Omniaba

Passport Data
Country of origin: Country of origin: Ghana
PDCIm Score: 3.16
Available for distribution:
Accession number: APO
Accession name: Apem Omniaba
Plantain N°2
Biological status of accession: traditional cultivar or landrace
Institute code: CMR004 (CARBAP)
Acquisition date: 1988-01-11
Status: active
Type of storage:
Field Collection
Morphological Characterization
Not available
Morphological Characterization Data

6.7 - Fruit

6.7.10 - Pedicel surface Hairless
6.7.12 - Immature fruit peel colour Green
6.7.13 - Mature fruit peel colour Bright yellow
6.7.14 - Fruit peel thickness [mm] Two or less
6.7.15 - Adherence of the fruit peel Fruit peels easily
6.7.16 - Cracks in fruit peel Without cracks
6.7.17 - Pulp in fruit With pulp
6.7.20 - Fruits fall from hands Persistent
Not available
Collecting/acquisition source
Not available
Collecting Location
Not available
Molecular Characterisation
Not available
Not available