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HTM - Hom (Thong Mokho)

Passport Data
Country of origin: Country of origin: Thailand
PDCIm Score: 5.26
Available for distribution:
Accession number: HTM
Accession name: Hom (Thong Mokho)
Biological status of accession: traditional cultivar or landrace
Taxonomic classification:
Institute code: CMR004 (CARBAP)
Acquisition date: 1988-03-22
Status: active
Type of storage:
Field Collection
Morphological Characterization
Not available
Morphological Characterization Data

6.3 - Petiole / Midrib / Leaf

6.3.1 - Blotches at the petiole base Extensive pigmentation
6.3.2 - Blotches colour Brown-black
6.3.3 - Petiole canal leaf III Open with margins spreading
6.3.4 - Petiole margins Winged and not clasping the pseudostem
6.3.5 - Wing type Dry
6.3.6 - Petiole margin colour Green
6.3.7 - Edge of petiole margin With a colour line along
6.3.8 - Petiole margin width [cm] <=1 cm
6.3.9 - Leaf blade length [cm] >=261 cm
6.3.10 - Leaf blade width [cm] <=70 cm
6.3.11 - Petiole length [cm] 51 to 70 cm
6.3.12 - Colour of leaf upper surface Green
6.3.13 - Appearance of leaf upper surface Dull
6.3.14 - Colour of leaf lower surface Medium green
6.3.15 - Appearance of leaf lower surface Shiny
6.3.16 - Wax on leaves Very little or no visible sign of wax
6.3.17 - Insertion point of leaf blades on petiole Asymmetric
6.3.18 - Shape of leaf blade base One side rounded, one pointed
6.3.19 - Leaf corrugation Few stripes
6.3.20 - Colour of midrib dorsal surface Light green
6.3.21 - Colour of midrib ventral surface Light green
6.3.23 - Blotches on leaves of water suckers Without blotches
Not available
Collecting/acquisition source
Not available
Collecting Location
Not available
Molecular Characterisation
Not available
Not available