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ITC1450 - Kisukari Usiniguse

Passport Data
Country of origin: Country of origin: Tanzania
PDCIm Score: 6.84
Available for distribution:
Accession number: ITC1450
Accession name: Kisukari Usiniguse
Biological status of accession: traditional cultivar or landrace
Taxonomic classification:
Institute code: BEL084 (ITC)
Acquisition date: 2002-12-02
Status: active
Type of storage:
In Vitro Collection
Cryopreserved Collection

Public Comments

KISUKARI USI NI GUSE (and not KISUKARI USINIGUSE) doesn't come from Usambara but from KILIMANJARO region, more precisely from ONGOMA VILLAGE, URU NORTH, MOSHI DISTRICT (cf Tanzania Musa Expedition 2001 report, De Langhe et al.) In this report the accession is tentatively classified as 'edible AA' but it was later measured as triploid. Our SSR analysis (to appear) shows it as a AAB, probably a Silk. It cannot be written in the front page: Taxonomic classification: Musa>Eumusa>AA. I suggest: Taxonomic classification: Musa>Eumusa>AAB