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6.1 Plant general appearance Leaf II Rachis Leaf I Leaf III Leaf IV Leaf V Leaf VI Leaf VII Pseudostem Peduncle Male bud Bract Sucker 6.1 Plant general appearance 6.2 Suckers/pseudostem 6.3 Petiole/ midrib/leaf 6.4 Inflorescence/ male bud 6.5 Bract 6.6 Male flower 6.7 Fruit Leaf III Cigar leaf 7. Plant descriptors 6.3 Petiole/midrib/leaf Petiole Petiole margins Wings Petiole Canal Bunch 6.7 Fruit Hand Apex Finger Corm Roots Male flowers 6.6 Male flower Male flower Free tepal Pistil Style Stigma Ovary Stamen Anthers Compound tepal Lobes of compound tepal

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