MGIS updates November 2022

Status message

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Dear MGIS Users,

We continue to improve the content and the features of the MGIS web site. Please, see below what has happened since July 2022.

Data update

ITC collection

Since July 2022, no new accessions have been introduced to the ITC. However we continue to update the passport data of the existing accessions according to feedback from routine Field Verification and routine operation on data checking. This concerns the classification,country of origin, availability of rooted plantlets, in vitro plantlets and lyophilized leaf samples.

On the other hand, more Plantains are now available for distribution even if they contain infective Banana Streak Viruses (BSV). You can get additional information from this page: Banana streak viruses (BSV) Factsheet

If you request those Plantains, a popup window will display an alert before you can proceed.

As the Field Verification of the ITC accessions continues, more and more accessions have photos attached to their passport data along with characterization data.

Evaluation data

We continue to extract values from research papers performing studies on  ITC accessions. In parallel to this, an interface for searching through this new dataset is made available in the filters of the accession search page. For example, we extracted data from a Black Leaf Streak (BLS) study: Sources of resistance to Pseudocercospora fijiensis, the cause of black Sigatoka in banana

To get information on how to research evaluation data please visit the January 2022 News page.

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new banana germplasm collections on MGIS!

Pacific Regional Field Collection (DAG-PRFC) in French Polynesia

We are sharing with you the passport data of the Pacific Regional Field Collection located in French Polynesia. This collection maintains 64 accessions of which a majority has previous location data.

Federacion nacional de Plataneros de Colombia (FEDEPLATANO) in Colombia

We are also sharing with you the passport data of the FEDEPLATANO collection located in Colombia. This collection maintains 109 accessions with 9 of them pertaining to the Gros Michel subgroup.

In Situ Observations

More and more data points are made available from the dedicated page: In Situ Observations. An original aspect of this project is that the map displays data points of observed cultivars along with material of the same species/group known to be collected in the surrounding area.

New Publication

Obviously the now famous Frontiers article: Hybridization, missing wild ancestors and the domestication of cultivated diploid bananas is registered in MGIS along with the list of ITC accessions analyzed through the article.

The MGIS team