MGIS updates March 2021

Status message

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Dear MGIS Users,

It is almost the end of the first quarter of 2021 and so here is some news about MGIS data and features.

Data update

We spent time cleaning up morphological characterization and agronomic data stored in the database. In total 14,640 data were updated out of 225,970 characterization records.

We also updated 145 CARBAP plantains with Characterization & Evaluation data extracted and translated from the Catalog of  Plantains from CARBAP. As 112 out of those 145 plantains have an ITC code, we transferred the dataset to the corresponding ITC collection to enrich their description and facilitate accession order. This represents about 50 descriptors per accession. 

With the help of Descriptors Graphical Interface Selection (DGIS) released at the end of last year, it is now possible to use them to filter and manage accessions.

Publications associated to individual accessions

Field Verification

The ITC accessions continue to be field verified. So far 863 accessions have been verified or are under verification. The result of the field verification of ITC accessions is found in the Genetic Integrity section of each accession page.

If the result of the verification confirms the True To Typeness of the accession, then we display this information:

 If we don't yet have the information, then we display this message:

At last if the accession verified is different from what is expected (and therefore no longer available for distribution) then the message is the following:

Characterization data and BrAPI

When morphological characterization data are available for one accession you can get these data under BrAPI format, which is a JSON file format. To do so just click on the BrAPI on the upper right corner of the Morphological Characterization Data box: 

Once clicked a new page will open displaying the JSON formatted result of all the Characterization data.

For developers, you have the details of the BrAPI call on this page or you can test first what your call will return from here.

MGIS web site in 2021

As previously announced in the December News, we are working on a new version of MGIS web site. As usual we are open to any feedback to help improve MGIS. We are in charge of the database, but it is you, the data providers and scientists, who are the end users.

The MGIS team