Diversity graph

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MGIS Boost cached version.

The diversity graph illustrates the Musa diversity available in the collections contributing to the MGIS database. The center white node labeled "Musa" is the root of the graph. The size of a node is proportional to the number of accessions available in the database for that node. However, we limited the size of the "Musa" root node. 

Species and groups are directly connected to this node by plain links. Subspecies or subgroups are linked to their parent species or group with plain links as well and share the same color. Wild relatives (e.g. acuminata, balbisiana) to the groups are represented as dashed links.

You can drag any node using your mouse by click, hold, drag and release. By default, links are elastic and moving a node will also move connected nodes. If you want to disable this tension, you can click on the button "Fix nodes" on the bottom-left part of the graph. You can then reactivate this feature by clicking again on that button which is now labeled "Release nodes".

If you double-click on a node name, it redirects to the taxonomy tree focused on that particlar node. It enables you to view the available accessions related to that node.