Phenotyping Banana Germplasm with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Tropical Race 4

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TitlePhenotyping Banana Germplasm with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Tropical Race 4
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKema G., Garcia F.A.
PublisherWageningen University

Wageningen UR has programmed to test the majority of banana (Musa) accessions originating from the major genebanks/collections around the world. The germplasm includes important commercial clones as well as wild species. The results will provide the banana community with data on the overall performance of banana accessions to TR4. For more info please vist

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Showing 18 of 18 accessions
Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Kluai Tiparot ITC0652 ABB Unknown Unknown ITC
Safet Velchi ITC0245 AB subgr. Ney Poovan Unknown ITC
FHIA-25 ITC1418 Unknown Unknown Honduras ITC
Pisang Mas ITC1403 AA subgr. Sucrier Unknown ITC
Calcutta 4 ITC0249 acuminata subsp. burmannicoides Unknown ITC
Kunnan ITC1034 AB subgr. Ney Poovan Unknown ITC
Pisang Lawadin ITC0449 AAB Unknown Malaysia ITC
Zebrina (G.F.) ITC0966 acuminata subsp. zebrina Unknown ITC
Inarnibal ITC1149 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
FHIA-02 ITC0505 AAAB Unknown Honduras ITC
Paliama ITC0766 acuminata subsp. banksii Unknown ITC
Silk ITC0348 AAB subgr. Silk Unknown ITC
Tomolo ITC1187 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Tani ITC1120 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
GCTCV-119 ITC1282 AAA subgr. Cavendish Taiwan ITC
Pelipita ITC0095 ABB Unknown Unknown ITC
Gros Michel ITC0484 AAA subgr. Gros Michel Unknown ITC
ITC0032 ABB Unknown Indonesia ITC
Evaluation traits: