Origins and domestication of cultivated banana inferred from chloroplast and nuclear genes

TitleOrigins and domestication of cultivated banana inferred from chloroplast and nuclear genes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLi L-F, Wang H-Y, Zhang C, Wang X-F, Shi F-X, Chen W-N, Ge X-J
JournalPloS one
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Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Namwa Khom ITC0659 ABB subgr. Pisang Awak Thailand ITC
Foconah ITC0649 AAB subgr. Pome Unknown ITC
Agutay ITC1028 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Calcutta 4 ITC0249 acuminata subsp. burmannicoides India ITC
Zebrina ITC1177 acuminata subsp. zebrina Indonesia ITC
Pisang Jari Buaya ITC0312 AA subgr. Pisang Jari Buaya Malaysia ITC
Khae (Phrae) ITC0660 acuminata subsp. siamea Thailand ITC
Banksii ITC0623 acuminata subsp. banksii Papua New Guinea ITC
Tomolo ITC1187 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Pisang Raja Bulu ITC0843 AAB subgr. Pisang Raja Indonesia ITC
Pisang Mas ITC0653 AA subgr. Sucrier Malaysia ITC
Tani ITC1120 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Borneo ITC0253 acuminata subsp. microcarpa Malaysia ITC
Long Tavoy ITC0283 acuminata subsp. burmannica Unknown ITC
Mbwazirume ITC0084 AAA subgr. Mutika/Lujugira Burundi ITC
Honduras ITC0247 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Grande Naine PT-BA-00104 AAA subgr. Cavendish Unknown CIRAD
ITC1152 AS Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Lal Velchi
PT-BA-00172 balbisiana Unknown Unknown CIRAD
Gros Michel
ITC1481 AAA subgr. Gros Michel Unknown ITC
ITC1034 AB subgr. Ney Poovan Unknown ITC
Pisang Kayu
ITC0420 AAA subgr. Orotava Indonesia ITC
ITC1325 AAB subgr. Plantain Nigeria ITC
Red Yade
ITC1140 AAB subgr. Plantain Unknown ITC