Molecular and cytological characterization of the global Musa germplasm collection

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In the present study, flow-cytometric analysis of ploidy level were coupled with the genotyping platform based on SSR markers and analyzed 630 accessions of the genus Musa held at the ITC collection including 49 Reference DNA collection samples (, as well as 27 samples received from Hawaii to enlarge the representation of individual Musa subgroups, and 38 samples collected during the Bioversity International expedition to Indonesia (Sutanto et al. 2016). Altogether, 695 accessions were genotyped, including 327 diploids, 363 triploids and 5 tetraploids.

The extent of genetic diversity among all samples was evaluated using the Nei´s genetic distance coefficient calculation (Nei 1973) and subsequent cluster analysis was done using the Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA; Michener and Sokal 1957). To enable joint analysis of all ploidy levels (2×, 3× and 4×) the genotypic data was converted into binary (coded by 1/0 = presence/absence) and analyzed as a dominant marker’s record (Weising et al. 2005). Dendrograms were constructed based on the results of UPGMA analysis and visualized in FigTree v1.4.0. The dissimilarity index threshold of 0.25 was used to assess the grouping of the accessions on the dendrogram. Bootstrap support for individual branches was calculated on 1000 replicates and values above 35% (0.35) were used to confirm the fundamental subclustering pattern.

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Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
ITC0372 AAA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
ITC0557 AAA Unknown Unknown ITC
ITC1265 AAAA Unknown Nigeria ITC
ITC0553 AAAA Unknown Jamaica ITC
ITC1261 AAAB Unknown Brazil ITC
ITC1332 AAAB Unknown Honduras ITC
Seleccion P-INIVIT
ITC1602 AAAB Unknown Cuba ITC
ITC1232 AAB Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Chuoi com chua trang
ITC1686 AAB Unknown Unknown ITC
ITC1705 AAB Unknown Indonesia ITC
Chuoi tay bot
ITC1741 AAB Unknown Unknown ITC
ITC0719 AAB Unknown Comoros ITC
Chuoi dong
ITC1644 AB Unknown Vietnam ITC
Chuoi thom
ITC1645 AB Unknown Vietnam ITC
Chuoi mit
ITC1682 AB Unknown Vietnam ITC
Chuoi la nang tien
ITC1688 AB Unknown Vietnam ITC
Boothi Bale
ITC1608 ABB Unknown India ITC
Chuoi chua
ITC1628 ABB Unknown Vietnam ITC
Chuoi tay tia
ITC1684 ABB Unknown Vietnam ITC
Raja Kinalun
ITC1715 ABB Unknown Indonesia ITC
Chuoi bot
ITC1742 ABB Unknown Vietnam ITC
ITC1727 ABB Unknown India ITC
Klue teperod
ITC1740 ABB Unknown India ITC
Tien (Than-Hua)
ITC1250 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Musa acuminata (11/9-02)
ITC1520 acuminata Unknown Indonesia ITC
Musa acuminata sp.sumatrana
ITC1701 acuminata Unknown Indonesia ITC
Marges Elargies
ITC0421 acuminata Unknown Indonesia ITC
ITC0530 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
ITC0606 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
ITC0608 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Musa acuminata ssp. banksii x Musa schizocarpa
ITC0622 acuminata x schizocarpa Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Musa acuminata spp. banksii x Musa schizocarpa
ITC0859 acuminata x schizocarpa Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Vennutu Mannan
ITC1766 ABB subgr. Ash Bontha India ITC
Musa balbisiana
ITC1527 balbisiana Unknown China ITC
Pisang Klutuk Wulung
ITC1587 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Lal Velchi
ITC1588 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Chuoi hot
ITC1681 balbisiana Unknown Vietnam ITC
Chuoi hot qua lep
ITC1687 balbisiana Unknown Vietnam ITC
ITC0248 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Butuhan, salient apex
ITC0564 balbisiana Unknown Philippines ITC