Molecular and cytological characterization of the global Musa germplasm collection

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In the present study, flow-cytometric analysis of ploidy level were coupled with the genotyping platform based on SSR markers and analyzed 630 accessions of the genus Musa held at the ITC collection including 49 Reference DNA collection samples (, as well as 27 samples received from Hawaii to enlarge the representation of individual Musa subgroups, and 38 samples collected during the Bioversity International expedition to Indonesia (Sutanto et al. 2016). Altogether, 695 accessions were genotyped, including 327 diploids, 363 triploids and 5 tetraploids.

The extent of genetic diversity among all samples was evaluated using the Nei´s genetic distance coefficient calculation (Nei 1973) and subsequent cluster analysis was done using the Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA; Michener and Sokal 1957). To enable joint analysis of all ploidy levels (2×, 3× and 4×) the genotypic data was converted into binary (coded by 1/0 = presence/absence) and analyzed as a dominant marker’s record (Weising et al. 2005). Dendrograms were constructed based on the results of UPGMA analysis and visualized in FigTree v1.4.0. The dissimilarity index threshold of 0.25 was used to assess the grouping of the accessions on the dendrogram. Bootstrap support for individual branches was calculated on 1000 replicates and values above 35% (0.35) were used to confirm the fundamental subclustering pattern.

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Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Safet Velchi ITC0245 AB subgr. Ney Poovan India ITC
Malaysian Blood ITC0568 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Selangor 2 ITC0629 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Kluai Lep Mu Nang ITC0533 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Pisang Sapon ITC0679 AA Unknown Indonesia ITC
Pa (Musore) no.2 ITC0668 acuminata Unknown Thailand ITC
Sena ITC1013 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Uyam ITC0819 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Balonkawe ITC0473 ABB Unknown Philippines ITC
Chuoi Va Huong ITC1373 AAA subgr. Cavendish Vietnam ITC
Khai Thong Ruang ITC0662 AAA subgr. Ibota Thailand ITC
Musa ornata ITC0370 ornata subsp. ornata Unknown ITC
Yalumia ITC1220 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Pisang Madu ITC0258 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Pisang Bangkahulu ITC0689 AA Unknown Indonesia ITC
Bata Bata ITC0974 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Apindikay ITC0985 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Type 2 ITC0069 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Balbisiana ITC0545 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Banksii ITC0621 acuminata subsp. banksii Papua New Guinea ITC
Banksii ITC0955 acuminata subsp. banksii Papua New Guinea ITC
Cachaco ITC0643 ABB subgr. Bluggoe Unknown ITC
Calcutta 4 ITC0249 acuminata subsp. burmannicoides Myanmar ITC
FHIA-25 ITC1418 Unknown Unknown Honduras ITC
Kunnan ITC1034 AB subgr. Ney Poovan Unknown ITC
Hom Thong Mokho ITC0671 AAA subgr. Rio Thailand ITC
Schizocarpa ITC1002 schizocarpa Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Schizocarpa ITC0852 schizocarpa Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Ngu ITC1358 AA subgr. Sucrier Vietnam ITC
Truncata ITC0393 acuminata subsp. truncata Unknown ITC
Pisang Lilin ITC1121 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Sowmuk ITC0266 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Niyarma Yik ITC0269 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Pitu ITC0294 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Tuu Gia ITC0610 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Americani ITC0557 AAA Unknown Unknown ITC
Bira ITC0945 AAB Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Pa (Musore) no.3 ITC0406 acuminata Unknown Thailand ITC
Pisang Cici Alas ITC0415 acuminata Unknown Indonesia ITC
Balbisiana ITC0211 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC