MGIS improved and enriched

Based on user feedback and the objective to provide more and better information on Musa Genetic Resources, we are releasing a new version of MGIS.

In the framework of MusaNet, we are happy to announce that 25 of the estimated 60 worldwide Musa collections signed the MGIS Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). This new release offers access to Passport Data provided by ARI (Tanzania), BPI (Philippines), CENAREST (Gabon), FAVRI (Vietnam), INERA Mulungu station (Democratic Republic of Congo), INRAB (Benin), TBRI (Taiwan, China), UNIKIS (Democratic Republic of Congo) are new data providers. The already existing contributors sent to us updated Passport Data.

Data content: 4541 accessions managed in 20 collections

  • 8 new collections for 761 accessions
  • 63 ploidy results added to ITC collection
  • 1085 accessions are associated with 111 publications.
  • Accession pictures files cleaning

Web Interface:

  • Calculation and display of PDCI(m)
  • Unified “My list” for ordering, comparing, and exporting
  • Setup of an accession Passport Data printing layout
  • Data export improvements (unlimited number of accessions)
  • Taxonomy diagram improvements
  • Insertion of ITC delivery map (here)