DArT whole genome profiling of ITC accessions

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This study was composed of 94 wild accessions and of 481 cultivated accessions. Darwin 5.0 (Perrier and Jacquemoud-Collet, 2006; Perrier et al., 2003) was used to calculate genetic distances between pairs of the 535 accessions (out of 575 of the published study). To do so, both modalities (0,1) were given equal weight using the Sokal and Michener (1958) dissimilarity index as the proportion of unmatching markers. we built a neighbor-joining (NJ) tree (Saitou and Nei, 1987) with the diploid accessions composed of A and B genomes only . With regard to the evolutionary history of cultivated bananas, we then built a second NJ tree with all the accessions composed of A and B genomes under the constraint of the diploid tree topology.

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Showing 40 of 531 accessions
Accession Name Pictures Accession number Species / Group SubSpecies / SubGroup Origin Collection Available for distribution
Figue mignonne ITC0540 ABB subgr. Pisang Awak Unknown ITC
Cacambou ITC0058 ABB subgr. Bluggoe Unknown ITC
Kluai Tiparot ITC0652 ABB Unknown Unknown ITC
Pisang Saripipi ITC0693 AAA subgr. Ibota Indonesia ITC
Malaysian Blood ITC0568 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Safet Velchi ITC0245 AB subgr. Ney Poovan Unknown ITC
Khai Nai On ITC0663 AA Unknown Thailand ITC
Selangor 2 ITC0629 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Figue Pomme Géante ITC0769 AAB subgr. Silk Unknown ITC
Kluai Lep Mu Nang ITC0533 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Pisang Jaran ITC0678 AA Unknown Indonesia ITC
Pisang Sapon ITC0679 AA Unknown Indonesia ITC
Pa (Musore) no.2 ITC0668 acuminata Unknown Thailand ITC
Balbisiana ITC0342 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Sena ITC1013 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Uyam ITC0819 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Wan ITC0948 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Pisang Kepok ITC0692 ABB Unknown Indonesia ITC
Pisang Kepok Bung ITC0698 ABB Unknown Indonesia ITC
THA018 ITC1067 acuminata Unknown Thailand ITC
Pahang IRFA ITC0070 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Chuoi Va Huong ITC1373 AAA subgr. Cavendish Vietnam ITC
Khai Thong Ruang ITC0662 AAA subgr. Ibota Thailand ITC
Namwa Khom ITC0659 ABB subgr. Pisang Awak Thailand ITC
Pisang Palembang ITC0450 AAB subgr. Pisang Kelat Malaysia ITC
Foconah ITC0649 AAB subgr. Pome Unknown ITC
Jaruda ITC1017 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Pisang Madu ITC0258 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
No.110 ITC0413 AA Unknown Thailand ITC
Pisang Bangkahulu ITC0689 AA Unknown Indonesia ITC
Gilasalasa ITC0932 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Bata Bata ITC0974 AA Unknown Unknown ITC
Tagomor ITC0989 AA Unknown Papua New Guinea ITC
Type 2 ITC0069 acuminata Unknown Unknown ITC
Balbisiana ITC0545 balbisiana Unknown Unknown ITC
Banksii ITC0621 acuminata subsp. banksii Papua New Guinea ITC
Hom Thong Mokho ITC0671 AAA subgr. Rio Thailand ITC
Balonkawe ITC0473 AAB subgr. Plantain Philippines ITC
Ngu ITC1358 AA subgr. Sucrier Vietnam ITC
Pisang Mas ITC1403 AA subgr. Sucrier Unknown ITC